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The Story Thus Far

Posted on 19 November, 2018 at 1:05

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About 4 years ago when it was bed time for our 5 boys (Twin Sons and 3 Nephews), I told the boys to turn off the TV and go to bed. The first born Twin Jake (6 1/2 yrs old) refused to go to Bed, I walked him towards his room and as he was walking he stopped turned around and started dancing. He was doing the corroboree towards me and saying “No Mum I am not going to bed”. Cheeky little man.


I said to him, what are you doing and he said Noongar Dancing Mum, we learnt it at Djidi Djidi School. I asked him do all you boys do it? To which he replied Yes Mum all us kids learn how to Dance Noongar at Djidi Djidi School. He then said Mum I am not ready to go to bed, I couldn’t help but be impressed by his determination to keep dancing. So I asked all the boys to come into the lounge room and show me what they have been learning and what Noongar moves they did.


Once the boys started dancing my Husband Chris got into up with them and showed his moves. He then showed them what he was taught when he was in the Noongar Dance Group Noongar Dreaming, that was Managed by Aunty Louise and Uncle Percy Hansen.


Chris then said you know what I know how to play the Didgeridoo he then grabbed an old PVC pipe and played the Didgeridoo for them. I was intrigued by this and as watched them my heart was feeling pride and joy at seeing their happy faces as they danced with Chris playing Didge.


That’s when I thought wouldn’t it be good if the boys and Chris did this on a regular basis. So the boys could learn more about their Noongar Culture and take pride in sharing it with the wider community. Over the next week I wrote on a Notepad several different names for their group, but couldn’t think of a better name then Koolangkas Kreate. The name was perfect because they were children and they created this little dance group all through creative defiance in resisting going to bed.


Their very first performance was at a NAIDOC ceremony at the Bunbury Regional Hospital where they were taught 2 incredible Traditional dances from well respected Elder Aunty Lynette Narkle, whose 9 year old Grandson played the Didgeridoo for them.


Once the word got around about an All children’s dance group, bookings started coming in so fast. I then created a Webpage, A Facebook Page, got Business Cards, their own Logo printed on Jumpers and their own personal shirts.


Their 1st Major Dance came 2015 at The Wardanji Festival in Fremantle. This is when Respected Elder James Kearing from Pinjarra joined the group to play the Didgeridoo with Chris. We have had 2 Didgeridoo players ever since and have been very fortunate that James has passed on his extensive knowledge of Noongar Culture and Traditional Noongar Dancing on to the boys.


We started out with our 5 boys, then my Husbands 3 Nephews joined the group - making a total of 8 Dancers. Over the last few years we have had several young Noongar boys dance with our Group and the boys alongside Chris and James. The boys that are here today are my Twin Sons Ben and Jake , My Nephews Eric and Frazer and James’s Grandson Brayden.


These 5 boys are now our core dancers with our other dancers joining when they are available because they have moved to another area and the older boys are now concentrating on High School.


These young Noongar Warriors are now teaching boys that are younger than them when parents ask if their Sons can join in a dance performance. Our Noongar Culture as we all know is Thousands of Years Old and we are so pleased and proud that these young Dancers are going to keep Our Culture going strong for years to come.